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About Us

3 Core Service Areas: Coaching, Consulting and Integrated Family Care



  • Life- personal growth, development and pursuit of goals and dreams. Provided in an individualized and person centered approach, tailored to your situation and the goals you wish to pursue. 
  • Career - advice, resume building, job prospecting, interview preparation and career path exploration. We also specialize in working with individuals from culturally specific backgrounds and those who may struggle with barriers to employment related to health, job history, diversity and inclusion. 
  • Health  - providing guidance, feedback, motivation and assisting with assessing health goals, communicating with your providers and support system and developing and executing plans and approaches to meeting your goals. 
  • Recovery Coaching - one on one support from a person who has lived experience with mental health and/or addictions to support you in striving for success and meaningful living. 



  • Training, workshops, and curriculum development in  a variety of areas for non profit agencies and mid sized businesses in the health care and social services field. 
  • Program development, grant and contract proposal writing and fund development- specialization in health care social services, social innovation and grass roots advocacy initiatives for both private and public sector grants and contracts in addition to community engagement and business/non-profit partner collaboration. 
  • Board development, leadership development and strategic planning. - for non profits of all sizes anywhere in the US or abroad, start up organizations in the health care services and social innovation sectors.
  • Social Media Marketing- for non-profits and small business, website domain and basic set up, e-mail integration, social media profile set up and management, content development and distribution. 

Integrated Family Care


  • Aging LIfe Care Services- care management for aging adults, those with disabilities and any other medical or related care needs including adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. 
  • Peer Support Services - for individuals with mental health challenges and/or addictions provide by a Certified Peer Support Specialist. 
  • Family Support Services- for children with special needs of all ages and any diagnosis, alongside their family members and in collaboration with a care team either currently in place or with the ability to assist with obtaining. 

The Team


Scott Spicer, MPH Founder and Senior Partner

Scott created the Spicer's Consulting brand in late 2008 after several years of writing, planning and networking with colleagues and mentors. It was then officially launched in 2009 and he got the first contract for work under the company name not too long after. 

Since then, Scott has worked with local, regional and national non profits and organizations in addition to some individual clients for the past 10 years. He has also recruited and hired Associates in two parts of the country and is now focused on picking back up where Spicer's Consulting left off. 

Scott's professional background spans across a 15 plus year career in public and private sector health and social services work in 3 different states, two regions of California and he has worked in the private sector health insurance and health care services industry as an up and coming leader for the past 4 plus years. Contact Scott to find out more about what he does and how he and his network of colleagues can assist you. 


Partner, Spicer's Consulting

This position is currently open and accepting inquiries within Scott's current network. Check out to see if you already know his work and may be able to offer your collaboration as an independent consultant in an exciting area of your expertise. Please also review the services section of this website to identify which areas of work you have existing skills and experience in.