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What We Do



One on one person centered and results driven support for you as a professional and/or a dreamer. Our founder Scott has 15 years of experience in health care, social services, employment supports in the private and public sector. Have a goal and need a sounding board? Are you stuck and need accountability? Need to land a job, find happiness and/or improve your wellness goals? We're the place for you. 



Small group, individual team and organizational support for small businesses, non profits, start ups and entrepreneurs. We are here to meet your organization's needs no matter if you are a non profit, social innovation start up, small business or grass roots community initiative. Web, e-mail and social media marketing services are also offered. 


Aging Life Care, Peer Support and Family Services

Expert professional support; individual and family care coordination services. Including- assessment, care planning, care coordination, advocacy, crisis intervention, health care services connection, and navigation support. For adults of all ages, all health conditions, special needs and any disability. Bringing years of experience in the field to you and your family, in order to support you in resolving key life issues and planning for optimal health and stability. 



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